The AMM-SD1 Off Air RF Pickup Unit

Using the AMM-SD1 Modulation Monitor with Part 15 Broadcasting

Part 15 broadcasting is a legal form of low power broadcasting on the standard AM broadcast band.

Using the Radio Engineering Associates Off-Air RF pickup unit, the AMM-SD1 will work well with your part 15 transmitter, without any connection to the antenna or transmitter.

The off-air interface covers the frequency range from 400kHz to 1750kHz and requires 100mV (minimum) of carrier to operate. This is easy to obtain by simply locating a wire or other antenna near to, or in the vicinity of the transmitter or transmitting antenna, and connecting this wire either directly or through a piece of feedline to the AMM-SD1 off-air RF pickup.

With Part 15 transmitters, ranges of 1 to 2 miles or more are possible. See the Hamilton RangeMaster AM 1000 Page for more information about part 15 broadcasting, and related equipment.

Using the AMM-SD1 Modulation Monitor with a standard communications receiver I.F. output

The Off-Air RF pickup may also be used to connect the Modulation Monitor directly to a standard communications receiver's I.F. output. The interface will work with I.F. frequencies from 400kHz to 1.75mHz. 100mV (minimum) of carrier signal is required.

Features and Specifications

  • RF Input Frequency Range: 400kHz to 1750kHz
  • RF Input Level (carrier): 100mV minimum, Hi impedance (greater than 20k ohms)

  • RF Input Connector: BNC

  • Output: Demodulated RF suitable for the AMM-SD1 Modulation Monitor

  • Aux. Input Connector (automatic switching): .125 inch stereo connector. This input may be connected to a standard RF pickup unit. When a signal is detected at this input, the Off-Air Pickup will switch the input from the low level RF source (typically a receiver I.F. or part 15 transmitter) to the auxillary input

  • Modulated Signal Capability: 175% positive, 100% negative

  • Power Source: 12VAC, 1A wall transformer, 120VAC 60hZ

How to Purchase

The AMM-SD1 Off-Air RF Pickup unit may be ordered with the AMM-SD1 Modulation Monitor as an RF pickup option for an additional $199.99. Comes with power supply and interconnecting cable for connecting to the AMM-SD1 Modulation Monitor.

The Off-Air RF Pickup may also be ordered as an individual item for $229.95

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